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Posted: 18/10/2013

It is Time to Plan your Halloween Party

It is time to plan your Halloween party We have plenty of products featured this theme, please check them. Haunted theme Ghostly theme Pumpkin theme Graveyard theme Costume theme Deco ..
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Posted: 03/10/2013


Made of lightweight foil, the Foil Balloons range make a unique selection of balloon decorations that will truely amuse your guests, the kids and improve the whole party atmosphere. They usually come in massive sizes such as the Airwalker series which are designed to practically walk in the air when inflated.

The quality of the fabric like foil means that they are allowed to be cut in to all sorts of designs and shapes. Designs may differ between the front and the back. The metaillic texture of foil also adds a flashy tint to the already colourful balloons making them shine under sunlight.


General Instructions:

  • Foil Balloons are self sealing
  • Require Foil Balloon Regulator to inflate
  • Inflate with helium and attach to Balloon Weights to prevent them being blown or float away
  • The Foil Balloons are refillable



  • Possible entanglement injury
  • Adult supervision recommended during use near children under 3 years of age
  • Do not release outdoors or near electric power lines